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Ovinum Clomid 30 x 50mg tablets


Quantity: 30 x 50mg tabs

Manufacturer: Gobal BioLab

Ovinum Clomid is not a steroid but a synthetic estrogen, it is used by athletes following a steroid cycle. In some cases a steroid intake may suppress the production or testosterone produced by the biological system and Ovinum can normalize the testosterone level and increase the deminished sperm count within 10-14 days. Even better results can de achieved when combining Ovinum with HCG or taken following HCG.

The difference between Ovinum and HCG. lies in the fact that Ovinum regenerates the biological system that influences testosterone production whilst HCG has a mere stimulating effect. Critically, at the end of a steroid cycle, Ovinum allows the gains you have made to be kept and it has an extremely powerfull effect on hardening up the body. It is recomended that you take Ovinum after every steroid cycle.

Suggested dosage 2 x 50mg tablets taken twice a day with meals. Duration of intake should be 14 days after a cycle and for even better results the last 14 days at the end of the cycle.

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